Going beyond omni-channel with AWS AI & ML services

A webinar outlining how to use insights to deliver the experiences your customers want.

September 17th 2020


What is the webinar about?

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Would you like to transform your customers’ data into clear, actionable insights?

Find out how to use AWS services to build an intelligent marketing platform that does exactly that.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how AI services can increase your online cross sell by 15-20%. You’ll also learn how to increase your NPS customer satisfaction scores​ by just using the data you already have and reduce marketing operations costs by up to 30%.

Join ECS on Thursday, September 17th at 10am BST to understand the challenges faced by businesses converting customer data into meaningful relationships, and the tips you need to overcome them.

The Speakers.

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Geoff Coles
Enterprise Data Solution Architect
FS & Retail
Untitled design
Harry Miller
Head of Practice
Data & Analytics, ECS
Greg downs-1
Greg Downs
Associate Consultant,

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